22-26 Let Summer Rejuvenate You…..

Sara’s View Of Life with Sara Troy, on air form June 28th

Summer is here and we have been waiting for that sun to warm our souls, heal our hearts, lift our spirits and clear our minds. It has been a long hard winter but now summer is here, we can start freeing ourselves and let nature hold our hands and guide us into joy, love and living an exuberant life.

We feel so much better with the sun is kissing our brow, and the breeze is rustling through our hair, and that warm tingling feeling of less clothes on our bodies breathing in light and recharging every cell in our beingness. We feel so much better with our toes in the water washing away our woes, embracing our spirits and setting us free to be.

Summer is a time to let go and be free and make that discovery of self. Nature in its complex simplicity helps us to reconnect with our inner selves allowing for a deeper inner love of life and just being who we are. Take a walk on the wild side, say no to statuesque and be adventurous and explore what can be and free your self from the same old same old.

What you want is waiting for you, you just have to decide to go and get it. Stepping into a purpose, even if it is just to make people smile and or help someone out, it all helps to embrace that sunlight that is burning inside begging to come out. So let summer help you and get out side and be a part of natures healing and rejuvenate your soul, heart, spirit and mind.


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