22-25 Pearls of Wisdom Non-Conformity

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy on air form June 21st

Do not conform to please others, be your own joy your own way. We are inclined to celebrate ones mile stones in life in a way that empresses others, but that can stress you out and end up being fake. Be your own joy and have that celebration in a way the represents you and the joy you feel, think out of the box of tradition and conformity.

I have recently come from a 4 day wedding that was set on a lake and which was totally different to other weddings. It was fun, original and relaxing because the expectation of what that joy of celebration was not dictated to be, but was instead a joy of love that was meant to be.

We stress out trying to impress, serve and live up to an expectation that will never please everyone and will leave us disappointed. Instead, just have joyful fun, do what feels right for you, you set the stage and even ask others to help, and let the fun and celebration be what it is meant to be. We have forgotten to allow fun and joy and celebration of life happen, we try to mold it and manipulate it until it is not more a representation of our joy. So set the stage, invite the people, be the joy in that celebration and allow the fun to be, keep it light, fun and happy, and all will have a good time that will be truly remembered.

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