22-16 The Hot & Cold of Life

Sara’s View of Life, with Sara Troy, on air from April 19th

Just like the weather, we all have hot and cold days. As winter turns into spring, we are experiencing snow one day, the blazing sun the next, and that is nature in transition and rebalancing herself. This is a metaphor for our lives, we can have great days and then ext not so much, but that does not stop us from living life.

Life can be a Roller-costor or a Ferris wheel, fast and furious on a journey of self-discovery, it is our choice. When we choose to slow down and be engaged in the moments, taking one step at a time finding our balance, and focusing on the now, we discover just how in control we can be of our life. Going fast can be an avoidance of dealing with life’s hot and cold days, and can prevent us from slowing down enough to be in the now, learning what we are really capable of.

There is a time for leaps, a time to jump blind deaf, and dumb in order to see hear and feel, and a time on being intuned in the moment of stillness and of concentrating on the now. Sometimes that leap is not in the jump, but in the choice to be present and take the one step at a time approach to life.

May the force be with you……….

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