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QS22-12 Mark Fiorentino, and The Master of Reality.

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Mark Fiorentino, on air from March 22nd

Mark Fiorentino shares his views on how the universe really works based on his study and research of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.

He will discuss how the applications of Einstein’s Theory that can be used to travel thru space, renewable energy, and future technology. He will also talk about the connection to conspiracy theories including UFOs and the Alien Technology they use, as well as other controversial topics such as Near-Death Experience revelations that are linked to the Theory of Super Relativity.

My name is Mark Fiorentino and I am the author of Master of Reality which is a book about the completion and solution of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. The book also contains many other world-changing discoveries as well. The secrets of the Universe are revealed. Here is a short list of what is in the book. 

The discovery of how to create an anti-gravity field.

The discovery of how to break the light speed barrier.

The proper Big Bang theory explanation which includes the true story of star and planet creation.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with insatiable and unrelenting curiosity. I remember reading about Albert Einstein and the Unified Field Theory when I was just ten years old. I found it fascinating and became particularly intrigued by his discussions of this theory.  As I read about the Unified Field Theory it seemed to me to be the most interesting thing I have ever encountered. I knew for certain that if I could understand this I would know the most important thing in the world of humans. I would understand the Theory of Everything!

I spent most of my life working in the High Tech industry. I started out as an electronic technician at Harris Government Systems located in Palm Bay, Florida. That job was one of the most enjoyable and interesting jobs I had. I worked on a Killer Satellite missile guidance system. Unfortunately, the pay was not very good in Florida so I left Harris Government Systems and moved to North Carolina and worked for IBM for the next 16 years. Those were good years and I learned a great deal about troubleshooting computer systems and hardware. I also taught myself computer programming and used that knowledge to develop a program to failure analysis faulty electronic circuit boards. I received a prestigious Division Award for helping the company save millions of dollars by preventing difficult to fix circuit board assemblies from being thrown away. I also designed, built and automated testing of electronic devices to assist in improving the quality of our products and manufacturing process. I received Out Standing Achievements awards for those projects as well. I made many wonderful friends along the way and I enjoyed my experience at IBM.

Unfortunately, IBM went into a complete shift in its business practices and retreated from its made in the USA manufacturing paradigm. Hundreds of thousands of its employees were laid off and many manufacturing plants were sold or shut down. This was the fate of the plant that I was at in Charlotte. IBM Charlotte is no longer in existence. I took a buyout package and moved back to Florida and worked for 5 years at a software company named ImageSoft and then finished my career locally in my hometown working in the IT department at Winter Haven Hospital.

I retired early in 2016 so that I could compile all of my notes that I had concerning the study of the history of physics focusing on Einstein and his research. All through my life, I continued to study the Unified Field Theory problem. Step by step I found clues hidden in the past and eventually I was able to compile the clues into a set of concepts that would lead me to the realization that both Special and General Relativity just needed to be extended a little in order to achieve Einstein’s dream of the completed Unified Field Theory as he first envisioned it. The unification of electromagnetism to gravity. It has been achieved.

Is Time Travel Possible? Is the transporter from Star Trek possible?

•    Experiments to prove the theory of Super Relativity (High Magnetic experiments) physicists across the world must do the experiments.
•    The government coverup of anti-gravity technology
•    The pattern that I noticed is that a new age of man is coming. NDEs have revealed that there is a God and God is a Universal being and is personally involved with every one of us.

•    Explain the new Star formation theory, is it true that all starts have Neutronium cores?

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