22-11 Pearls of Wisdom…Spiritual Depression

Sara’s View of Life, with Sara Troy, on air March 15th

Pandemic, wars, violence, hate, fear, we are surrounded by it, so how do we as empaths, and spiritual sensitives handle it? I know it can be hard to sit with of all the pain in the world, and when you are sensitive, it can be even harder, but we can handle it if we know-how.

You have done nothing wrong, and it is ok to not be ok.

Just because we are practicing spiritual people does not mean we have everything under control. We are very tapped in, and feeling all that pain can be an overload, and upset our own balance. We want to heal the world, but we can heal no one if we do not heal pour selves first. So take that time for yourself, take that medication if needed, do things for yourself that make you happy, and bring back your joy of living, for from there, you will know how to help those in need.

I love music, it has been proven to reset out inner vibe and bring back that so needed balance. Walks in nature and sunlight are heavenly and warm our spirits and souls. Maybe meditation is for you, of Yoga, Ti Chi, running, swimming, dancing, singing, it does not what you do as long as it serves to bring that tranquil peace that lay within you.

Allow yourself, to feel, release and regroup if you are only here to serve one person and that ripples out to others, you are doing your divine job. We are not here to save the world on our own but do know this, sending out our loving, caring strong vibrations to those in need, does WORK.

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