TSM22-10 Michael Roberts& Behind Sacred Walls

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Michael Roberts, on air from March 8th

Michael Roberts, author of the new memoir Behind Sacred Walls: The True Story of My Abuse by Catholic Priests. In an interview, Michael will talk about navigating his sexuality as a gay man — prior to, during, and after the abuse.

Throughout his childhood and teenage years, religion played an important role in Michael’s life. Growing up within a Catholic family in an all-American small town, not only informed his belief system but created the perfect conditions for him to be groomed and later abused by several priests. The added layers of religious shame and the fear of his family finding out that he was homosexual were factors in the physical and psychological abuse he suffered at the hands of priests. His nearly ten years of abuse took place under the eye of the Catholic Church, as was the institutionalized cover-up by high members of the Church.

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Roberts fought alone against this centuries-old, untouchable institution in search of some form of repair and control over his destiny. He completed his college education, graduating from a prestigious university with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science. His new book, Behind Sacred Walls, is a cathartic, cautionary tale about blind faith, broken trust, and the loss of innocence of a young man trying to survive deep betrayal and trauma.

Michael Roberts has worked as an environmental technician and as a sales and marketing manager for a biotech company that makes implements to pharmaceutical research to develop drugs. Prior to this, Micahel worked as a professional model in Paris, Rome, and the United States. He has appeared in television commercials and numerous print ads and catalogs, as well as runway shows. Michael is married to his partner, Johnathan, with whom he enjoys traveling around the world. His future plans include volunteer work in wildlife conservation to help save endangered species.

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