C22-10 Emmanuel Enime, Maintaining Our Joy

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Emmanuel Enime, on air from March 8th

My God-given purpose is to be a father to the fatherless. Part of being a father is to help your children maintain their joy, during the difficulties of life. I am helping those without a father.
We need to keep our joy during our difficult times because that is when we are at the greatest risk of sinking into despair and hopelessness.

Hard times are great incubation periods for Unforgiveness. Get help with Unforgiveness, so you do not become bitter during hard times.

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Because of our gratefulness for God’s kindness to us, we gladly share that kindness with others and forgive. Additionally, Unforgiveness is mental health disease. In order to have mental clarity and peace, you must forgive everyone you have Unforgiveness against. If you love yourself and your relationship with God, you will forgive others.

Do not rush into marriage to prove anything to your friends. Do not rush into marriage, so you can look like you have your life together. Don’t let other people’s opinions of you cause you to make hasty and uncalculated decisions.

Instead, spend time on preparing your character for marriage; and then, what God has planned for you will come.

Also, help your current friends understand that their mindset should not be: “I need to hurry up and get married, so other people don’t make fun of me.” Your friends should not make you feel like this.

Please get your character prepared for marriage.