IG22-08 Vanessa Ferlaino on Self-belief + Personal Empowerment

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Vanessa Ferlaino, on air from February 22nd

We often hear about the importance of positive thinking or terms like “Grabbing the bull by the horns” when we hear about people attempting to make positive change. For many, this can seem completely daunting, and in some cases unachievable. But Vanessa Ferlaino is proof that through self-belief and personal empowerment, we can not only make positive change in our own lives, but we can uplift and elevate others around us for the betterment of the world.

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Vanessa is a respected entrepreneur, a singer/songwriter, and a critically acclaimed author who has built her dream through hard work and sheer determination.

Through her music, business endeavors, and via her much-lauded book HUMAN, Vanessa is achieving her goal of inspiring by example and offering up words of wisdom, on how to achieve what we wish to achieve.

This is not mere lip service Vanessa, has overcome a myriad of personal tragedies and seemingly insurmountable obstacles on her way to achieving her success and being a positive voice for others.

“To me, being human is about standing tall when our truth, our voice, is challenged,” says Vanessa. “It is all about putting all different pieces of ourselves together so they can co-exist inside of you. What we uncover and discover about ourselves leads us further to our truth and authenticity. “

Vanessa hopes to empower those who feel powerless, through her words and actions with the goal of sharing her message across as many platforms as possible.