SDM22-08 Susan Arum Spirit Messages from The Other Side.

Self Discovery Mediums with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Arum, on air from February 22nd.

I am a Medium and work privately with clients, as well as groups in Assisting those who have lost their Beloved Loved ones. Those who want to hear Spirit Messages from The Other Side, will come through if they are open to this, and more. Sometimes Spirits will not come through, depending on each individual.

I work with clients and discuss their needs with questions they may have.  I ask for all clients’ Dates of Birth, and those they want Information about. I view photos sent to me to pick up the information I can work with as well. These can be photos of their past, present, as well as departed loved ones and those in their lives, or have been anytime in their lives.

As more and more Human Souls are Leaving Planet Mother Earth, since Covid, and with ongoing health issues, many look to Spiritual Mediums for insights and messages.

People are searching for meaning from Those Departed Souls, and many are never able to even see their Departed Loved Ones as this Covid Pandemic went into Full Swing from 2020 to the present.

Thankfully, now it is winding down.

What is Important for All Human Souls to Know is that Ascension, otherwise known to people as Death is A Process That All Soul’s Go Through.

There is No DEATH per se. It is an Evolution of the Soul to the Next Level of Moving Into Your Light Frequency Body. 

This Journey has led me to understand through my studies to know more about the Next Dimension of The Spirit World and More. 

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I grew up In Long Beach, LI, New York 

I was a very active kid who studied piano, ballet, tap, acrobatics, ice skating, speed skating, all sports you can imagine in Jewish Sleepaway Camps as My Mother was The Head Counselor of these camps from when I was 3 to 15 years old.  I was always in stage plays, did all water sports, water skiing, sailing, boating, swimming, riflery, archery, golf, horseback riding, arts and crafts, dance, singing, and more.

I had fun times in camp, and I was very competitive back then. Winning was always my Game Plan.

I had a solo performing in 6th Grade Graduation, as I always loved to sing. I was in Chorus throughout Elementary School, loved school, was popular, and had lots of great friends.

The Community of Long Beach, LI, NY was amazing to grow up in, yet in the summers I was never there @ the Beach. I was a Camp Day Camp Counselor @ the El Patio Day Camp, Summertime when I was 16, in Atlantic Beach, NY USA.

I was a CheerLeader @ Long Beach High School, Long Beach, NY USA.  

On the Junior Varsity Team, as Captain, for 1 Year. Then On The Varsity Team for 2 Years, and 2nd Year as Captain of the Team.

Upon graduation, I went to the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona from 1970-74 I Graduated with a B.A. In Education, with MajorStudies:  Physical Education, Dance, Elementary Education Minor: Speech and Communications 1974 

I taught school in Tucson, Arizona, Telluride, Colorado and the New York City School System. I did this for a total of 3 Years.

I wore a Brace on My Back @ the Age of 19 while I was a Dance Major and had to quit dance. I was devastated indeed. I wore a Back Brace for 6 Months in 1972-73.

I wanted to move back to New York to my parent’s home and study acting in New York City. My Parents being Professionals, as my Mother a School Teacher, and Father Accountant, would not let me.

Yet I was Brought Up Watching and Going to Many Broadway Shows as a Kid in New York. I eventually studied Dance with the Martha Graham Company, and June Lewis Company in New York City in 1976.

I had to drop out of Graduate School for Dance Therapy back in 1975, where I was doing my own Program @ University of Arizona, Tucson.

We ended up moving to Telluride, Colorado. I got divorced there and worked in the school, in restaurants. I was a Ski Guide for the Telluride Mountain and skied with guests there, skiing 20,000 Vertical feet/day. The Elevation of Telluride, Colorado is 8,745 Feet and the mountains there are 13-14,000 feet. I loved living in Nature there. .

I studied Lymphatic Drainage Bodywork with my teacher Wendy who trained and taught in Esalen Institute, California USA.

I did modeling work for a Photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was on the cover of a Magazine for a New York Magazine, Skiing from the Top of Telluride Ski Area, Colorado, and Photographed by Margaret Durrance of LIFE Magazine, of Aspen Colorado.

I studied with my 1st Psychic Teacher while on Long Island, New York,  as well as studying Acting, Astrology, and Managing an Organic Health Food-Coop

My Mother had Breast cancer in 1975, and then in the summer, she had pneumonia. Her Cancer traveled to her Liver and Brain in 1975 in the fall and then she Ascended end of September 1976..

My Mother showed up in My Bedroom when I awoke from a Dream and I Saw Her Shimmering Spirit Body right in front of Me. I knew something was up for me indeed with the Spirit World Then, as I got Actual Proof of her there.