BB22-07 Vikram Rajan and Videosocials.

Building your business with Saras Troy, and her guest Vikram Rajan, on air from February 15th

If you look presentable for client meetings, you’ll look good for your video blogging!

Sure, fix your hair: But no need to fixate on it. Videosocials are a safe place to practice. We’ll give you pointers (like don’t silhouette in front of a glaring window), but you’ll get the hang of it. We each go at our own pace: Some post every recording. Most rehearse 2 or more times. Either way, you got this! Nothing goes on your social media or website until you approve it. Come join us: We want your feedback as we practice too.

Really need to see a bunch of stats to confirm what you’re seeing? 80% of Internet traffic comes from video! 64% buy after watching its video! 90% helps in buying

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Vikram Rajan is the cofounder of Videosocials, a community of lawyers, accountants, coaches & consultants who record their video blogs & podcast promo videos “together, fun & done!” Members then use the Videosocials Brander app to automate their social media marketing. Vik is a frequent presenter at various professional associations & is the host of 2 podcasts: LinkedIn For Lawyers & Why We Podcast.