C22-06 Drew McCaughey, 2022 is the Phoenix!

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy with her guest Drew McCaughey, on-air from February 8th

The mythical bird who celebrates the ending of one life cycle by setting itself on fire, re-emerging from its ashes stronger, smarter, and more powerful than it was before! What are the ashes we are re-emerging from as we head into a new life cycle in 2022? The ‘unconsciousness-based economy/society’ of conflict, competition, and scarcity. While that ‘unconsciousness-based economy/society’ has done a good job of leading us into one of the most advanced societies in history. It’s time to let that life cycle burn up and turn to ashes so, as a species, we can begin the new life cycle stronger, smarter, and more powerful than we’ve ever been! What is the new life cycle which is being called forth as we head into 2022 and beyond?

The ‘consciousness-based economy/society’ of cooperation, collaboration, co-creating, abundance, prosperity and thriving! This ‘societal shift’ of energy being called forth from consciousness has already reached its tipping point or momentum point. There’s no going back! Either you are going with this flow of energy, in which case the emotions associated with a ‘consciousness-based economy/society’ of love, appreciation, abundance, prosperity, well-being, clarity, focus, satisfaction, and thriving will amplify and intensify within you. Or, you are going against this flow of energy, in which case the emotions associated with the old ‘unconsciousness-based economy/society’ of worry, frustration, overwhelm, fear, anxiety, and depression will amplify and intensify within you. As with everything in life, you have a choice, it’s literally your decision about which way you choose to go. As in the movie, ‘The Matrix’, the red pill or the blue pill? Your choice. The great news for you is, if you’ve read to this point, you’re either already out in front of this ‘shift’ or have decided you desire to be. Congratulations! You are one of the rapidly growing masses who have been, or desire to be, out on the leading edge of this massive shift of energy. You represent an emerging group of leaders who will be assisting humanity to move beyond anything we’ve ever experienced, realized, or manifested before in this lifetime, or in any other lifetime!

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Like many entrepreneurs, I experienced some hits and some misses of varying degrees.

By the time I was in my mid 20’s I instinctively knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit.  In my late 20’s I was fortunate enough to attract a teacher who taught me a communication model based on the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In my early, to mid 30’s I was attracted to studying more about quantum physics, which at the time, the mid 90’s, was really in its infancy and popularized by the work of Deepak Chopra.

I was also a strong believer in personal development aspects, positive thinking etc, from the teachings of people like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, etc.

In the late 90’s I was involved in helping to launch a fledgling nutritional-based Network Marketing company from scratch.  The U.S office was literally in an office above my friend’s garage!  And over the next several years that company grew to generate over $500 million in international sales and attracted over 300,000 distributors.

Because of the nutritional products we offered, we attracted 1,000’s of alternative/nutrition-based health practitioners of varying modalities, mainly chiropractors.  It was through this experience that I gained a broader understanding of nutrition as it relates to our physical bodies.

Around 2004 I was doing a self-evaluation around the holidays and realised that while I had things in my life I was satisfied with, I still had aspects of my life I was not so satisfied with.  I thought to myself, “I must be missing something.  I think and teach all this positive thinking personal development stuff, I’m a skilled communicator, and yet there are still aspects of my life I’m not exactly happy with”.

So, I went looking for answers and found myself being attracted to the more spiritual aspects of life.  I began studying the works of people like Wayne Dyer and Echart Tolle.  But found that my previously ‘science-oriented mind offered resistance to fully comprehending these concepts.

Around 2009 or 2010 I attracted someone who taught me how to meditate.  Prior to this, my science-based mind thought that meditation sounded really airy-fairy.  And as it turned out, my teacher was teaching me the methods he had learned from the powerful ‘Silva Mind Method’.

About five years later I attracted someone who taught me about the Law of Attraction in a way my scientific mind could relate to.  And after about a year of immersing myself in his teachings, I realized that this is really all about quantum physics.  And that’s when the light switch went off for me.

I began consciously incorporating some techniques borrowed from NLP, anchoring & visualization, with the ‘active’ meditation techniques I had learned from the ‘Silva Method’ and found my meditations taking into deeper and deeper realms of consciousness.

About a year later I attracted a teacher who taught me techniques of working with universal energy and my Conscious Calibrating & Activation techniques began to unfold beautifully.  Within a month I had been attracted to being a Lyft Driver.

At first, I wasn’t sure why about two days later I had my answer.  This was going to be practice for mastering my newly developed and developing energy mastery techniques.  I was going to have random people from who knows where jump right into my energy field and I was going to have to ‘own the space’ with my energy.

Over the next year and a half, it became self-evident that my techniques were working all day long!  And that’s when I realized that a lot of people could probably benefit from learning about this practice.

Over four years of driving for Lyft, I provided more than 14,000 rides.  That represents more than 14,000 different energy fields jumping right into my space which I had to be the master of.  My guess is, there’s not another person on the planet as sensitive as I am to energy, who has been in the direct line of energy fire as I have been over the last fours years.

And it provided 1,000’s first-hand examples of how discovering how to consciously manage your energy field is not just beneficial for the person practicing that, it can have a positive influence on everything and everyone around you!




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