BB22-06 Phyllis Weiss Haserot, GENgagement and Collaborageism

I bring perspective to understand why people think and act as they do. I interpret, inspire and facilitate action to foster meaningful, non-threatening conversations and relationships in organizations on the part of management, next-generation leaders, young professionals, and multi-generational teams that are the key to productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

I will talk about how I got to focus on the concepts behind my trademarked words GENgagement and Collaborageism and how I evolved to my work passion of all things generational in work – as represented at 

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My podcast, Legacy-Makers@Work, inspires listeners to start early to be intentional about making a significant impact in creating a work legacy that benefits the organizations they work for or with as well as their own careers. The target audience is change-makers in mid-level career (professionals and executives) who are frustrated and eager to bust out to have a larger impact and influence.

Phyllis Weiss Haserot (Haz-er-o), a “uniter” dubbed the “cross-generational voice.” Is in the business of uniting people, purpose, potential; and profit across the generations. She works with organization leadership and multi-generational teams focused on both external and internal stakeholder relationships to solve the increasingly urgent problems inherent in retaining the most desirable talent and clients. She leads Cross-Generational Conversation workshops, forums, and masterminds for professionals, knowledge workers, and university student and alumni communities. Phyllis is co-host of the Legacy-Makers@Work podcast. She is the author of You Can’t Google It! The Compelling Case for Cross-Generational Conversation at Work and “Embrace GENgagement” President and Founder of Practice Development Counsel, business development and organizational effectiveness consultancy, Phyllis is a speaker, podcaster, columnist, and blogger on intergenerational relations and multi-generational workplace issues for Thomson Reuters Institute,, Next Avenue, Legal Executive Institute, LinkedIn, among others. 

Her career has evolved from urban planner to trailblazer in marketing and business development for professional service firms, to adding organizational effectiveness to a trailblazer in solving generational challenges at work as a consultant, facilitator, coach, thought leader, and podcaster. She is a person who sees patterns before others do and loves challenges. One she is taking on now is a movement toward “Collaborageism” and persuading organizations to provide a well-deserved seat for generational/age diversity at the DEI &B decision-making table.