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IG22-03 ‘Zen’ Benefiel, Stubbing my T.O.E on Purpose.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Bruce ‘Zen’ Benefiel, MA, MBA, on air from January 18th

Bruce Lee Benefiel, although in 1988, ‘Zendor’ was a name given after asking internally, ‘Who am I?’ and a friend sitting next to me answering with, ‘You are Zendor.’ Zen came a couple of years later while doing One World TV show when a crew member called me Zen during a taping one night. It cascaded from there and I just embraced it.

Adopted young, his quest for truth and understanding began early in life. His father a Master Mason/Tool and Die Maker and his mother was an English teacher; they encouraged his academic and athletic development as well as demonstrating core ethics, values, and unconditional love.

Adoption brought questions that led deep into his psyche and the exploration of self over his lifetime and continue as an ever-present observer in his life. Since a child, his life was full of conundrums and enigmas.

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A unique Near-Death Experience his first year in college on a Pre-Med program sent him on an internal quest, switching his major to Psychology. Leaving college, he married at 21, father of four, and then divorced after 10 years. Trials and tribulations in life were noted in the NDE; dissolution of marriage, job and church happened simultaneously.

After leaving aerospace production management, his role as church Elder, earning two Masters’s Degrees, and teaching for a decade, he became a certified life coach, Be The Dream. While building his practice, performed pre-construction team-building sessions, traveling the country for projects serving several Federal and State agencies and municipalities.

Balancing responsibilities with passion and purpose, professional opportunities continued life-learning roles in various industries, including facilitating environmental and social activist groups. Gaps in an activity offered time to work on his passions; building websites, playing music and writing books about life experiences, garnering a little wisdom.

He hosted One World TV show and co-hosted 2 Small Biz Guys talk radio show, crafted a school/village concept and co-founded

Businesses he owns include Transformational Coaching, Planck Social Media Agency LLC, Team Partnering LLC and United We Stand Productions LLC.

Books on Amazon invite readers into other worlds and offer practical wisdom and interviews with a renowned host and a presentation (IANDS 2010) challenge the status quo of many current philosophies.

Zen is a renaissance man with a new millennial mindset – one skewed toward harmony among people and planet.  He resides in Arizona with his wife, Luba, a Kundalini yoga teacher and conservatory-trained pianist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Life is ONEderful now.

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