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C22-02 Monty Ritchings, Ascend Your Beliefs.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Monty Ritchings, on air from January 8th

We are much greater than we think we are. We have been conditioned to accept our childhood beliefs as the basis for the operating system for our lives. My Why is that I believe we can reframe childhood beliefs and be as powerful as the beliefs we choose as adults. I am driven to provide information and tools to help others and myself to grow to the best possible heights in this life.

I am an Author, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Mystic. I believe that we can only truly come to know ourselves by getting past ourselves through our relationship with nature and the Universe. I have been a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC for more than 40 years. My studies have included understanding how life works on a Universal level and intuitive medicine

My focus as a writer whether it be fiction or non-fiction is about mind management, core beliefs, and working beyond the. The mundane world supports us to be much more than just the limited beings we are presented as.

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I have written 4 non-fiction books in various aspects of mind management including Embracing The Blend 2007, 2009, Stamp Out Stress 2010, Charkas Demystified 21019, Healthy Children Only Need Three Things 2019, and most recently my first fiction book, soon to be a series called The Ascenders Return To Grace.


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