BB22-02 Networking Guru Alex D. Tremble.

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Alex Tremble, on air from January 11th

Having a strong network can mean the difference between being offered your dream job and continuing to remain invisible when upward opportunities arise. So why don’t most ambitious employee effectively leverage their network to advance in their careers? It’s because they believe that networking is too hard, not their style, not moral/ethical, or a host of other false beliefs. 

But, you don’t have to be like most people. Alex D. Tremble will share his proven C4 Strategic Relationship Building Model to help you: 

·      Overcome your fear of networking,

·      Identify where and how to focus your networking efforts, and

·      Choose specific behaviors to implement that will lead you to enjoy a more influential network in high-level leadership positions.

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Alex D. Tremble is an award-winning speaker, author, and expert in the practice of developing, navigating, and maintaining difficult, complex, strategic, and mentoring relationships. Additionally, he has over 10 years of experience coaching and advising some of our nation’s most senior-level leaders. Alex is also the host of The Alex Tremble Show, which is focused on providing ambitious leaders with the leadership and career advancement skills required to excel as senior and executive leaders. This is accomplished by bringing the world’s most successful leaders, and leadership development professionals, together to share their advice on career advancement, the new leadership skills required in our ever-changing world, and talent pipeline development. Some pasts include:

Alex began his career managing three government-wide senior leadership development programs, and quickly went on to establish the Tremble Influence Academy, while publishing two bestselling books (“Reaching Senior Leadership: 10 Growth Strategies Every Government Leader Should Know” and “The GPS Guide to Success”) geared towards helping leaders gain influence and attain career success. Alex is a Leadership Center for Excellence 40 under 40 honoree and also serves as the Chief Culture Officer for America’s second-largest national conservation corps, American Conservation Experience. Alex is passionate and committed to helping our nation’s leaders reach their highest potential; personally, and professionally. Alex received his Bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology from William Penn University and his Master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Baltimore.



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