22-02 What’s on your Canvas?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from January 11th

We all have yearly good intentions, and we wish to meet certain goals, so what is on your canvas this year? Self Discovery and I are one and the same, and the brush we desire to paint on our canvass this year is….

Write Sara’s book (Sara has been asked to share her life story)

Produce “The Forgotten Children’s” a collaborative series book (see details here)

Draw more ways of funding to the station. (Fund Us here) (WE ARE FUNDED BY YOU THE AUDIENCE )

Growing deeper in wisdom both personally and in our shows.

I do not believe in new year resolutions, but like to paint some commitments I desire to achieve. I know that I can not achieve all of these on my own, and I am asking my Self Discovery Community to be a part of this journey in making some of it happen.

Wisdom is a life experience fully felt, knowledge is learned and stored for future use. When we use our wisdom to guide our knowledge, then we have a clearer picture of how to paint our canvas of possibilities. I am painting in the direction of desire, but what comes out on the canvas is what is meant to be. So allow your brush which is armed with knowledge, and tap into its wisdom, and paint that desire into reality.

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