PVR.22-01 Joy, Mark & Deborah on Aging Preparedness.

Positive Living Vibration with Sara Troy and her guests, Joy Loverde, Mark Singer, and Deborah Drummond, on-air from January 4th/22

Aging can catch up with us and when it does are we ready for it? We are going to speak today on how to prepare for our mature years in mind, body, heart, soul, and financially, for if we don’t, age will eat us up alive before we are ready. We do not have to rush to old age but instead mature safely, wisely, and vibrantly by knowing how to prepare for those mature years.

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Joy Loverde says.

If you are living solo, you are not alone in this trend. One in three baby boomers falls into the category of separated, divorced, widowed, or never married. As the numbers continue to escalate, millions of people over the age of sixty-five will require greater assistance because they are aging alone with no known family member or surrogate to act on their behalf.

Committed couples, you aren’t out of the woods, either. If one partner suffers from a chronic illness, the other partner typically represents the first line of defense. However, when both need care simultaneously, all bets are off. As people make their way from adulthood through elderhood, the unmarried category will grow as individuals continue to experience divorce and widowhood.

Nor is being a parent a guarantee that adult children will care for you as you age. Children may choose to move away from parents (even a half-world away) to pursue dreams of their own, and they are also known to return home with little to no resources. HOW PREPARED ARE YOU FOR YOUR MATURE YEARS?


Mark Singer says

If you are planning for a long, healthy retirement, then you must take into consideration more than just the money.  You must consider some of the non-financial items if you are to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling retirement:

What are you going to do the rest of your life – How will you fill the time – How will you replace the identity you forged during your working years – How will you stay connected to others – What conversations are you having with your spouse to define your respective roles –  What will enrich your life?

These are just some of the questions you need to be addressing. 


Deborah Drummond says,

We speak to the importance of our whole health mind, body, inside and out, and that we can do anything at any age if we take of ourselves and invest in our well beingness.

Well, when it comes to age reversal of the body, skin, Brain, or any organs the way we can get prepared is to be as preventative as we can by using techniques, health science, proper information, and nature. For obvious reasons the sooner we play in the arena of prevention the healthier and younger our bodies will be and therefore respond from an ongoing place of vibrancy. It’s like the sooner we start saving for our retirement the more we will have in the bank, the same principle aligns for your body. The sooner the better but the glorious thing about the body is its incredible ability to be forgiving of how we treated it and the allowance of its determination to heal, repair, and get to work on getting healthy no matter when your start. 



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