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Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from December 21st.

Merry Christmas to all my listeners and all those who have made a difference in the lives of others with your stories of wisdom and love. Advocating for those who share their stories of illuminating inspirations is indeed a total pleasure of mine, for another’s journey becomes a tool and knowledge for someone on their own journey in life.

I wish to thank all those who have listened to these shows, and shared them and been inspired by them, for it is you that we do this for. If we can help one person with this wise knowledge than we feel good about what we are doing.

To all those who have participated in the 100’s of shows I have done this year, thank you for being so venerable and considerate in sharing your wisdom that helps so many. So many shows on so many topics, all coming from the heart to heal, guide, and aid others on their journey of life. You can catch all the latest shows weekly and see the diverse and deep knowledge that comes from them.

If you know someone with something to share that will inspire our audience, please send them here.

Listeners, thank you for sharing our shows and for commenting on how they have inspired you, we really appreciate you.

We leave you some new shows and a collective 2900+ shows to listen to and we will see you January 4th 2022 with all new shows.

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