IG21-47 Dr. Ivan Figuero Otero’s “School of Life”

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Ivan Figuero Otero, on air from November 23rd

Medical acupuncturist, Iván Figueroa Otero, MD. Dr. Figuero Otero will talk about his fourth book in the “School of Life” series, Reflections in My Magical Mirror (Spirituality 104), which encourages readers to remember that every difficult experience is a lesson of love. He will share with our listeners the importance of emotional and spiritual well-being and its role in preventive and therapeutic medicine. “The fourth book is an extraordinary guide that every person can use at any stage of their spiritual journey.”— Los Angeles Post Examiner 
As a physician and retired pediatric surgeon, how did he relate to spirituality? Why is it important to attend to spirituality in medicine? What is the “magical mirror” & does everyone have one? How can we harness it? The book is filled with relatable life lessons to learn from written from Ivan’s experiences. How he heals his patient’s practice today in Puerto Rico. Suggestions people do every day? Ivan’s other books in this series and how can readers work with them? 

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Iván Figueroa Otero M.D. FACS, FAAMA
After graduating from the School of Medicine of the University of PR in 1970, Dr. Figueroa Otero trained as General Surgeon at the University Hospital of the UPR School of Medicine, integrating a one-year fellowship in the study of cancer, and one year in experimental research. He did his postgraduate studies in Pediatric Surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital and the San Juan Municipal Hospital.
Looking for non-surgical or less invasive options for pediatric conditions, Dr. Figueroa Otero explored Eastern philosophies that emphasize a holistic concept of disease. He was one of the first physicians to become certified in medical acupuncture in Puerto Rico, training in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture with professors from the University of Seville. Eventually, he was certified in medical acupuncture nationally.

In 2009, Dr. Figueroa Otero became certified in anti-aging medicine, and in December of that year, he retired from the practice of pediatric surgery, focusing instead on his holistic medical practice and emphasizing disease prevention and modification of lifestyles. In 2011, he was invited to become a Trustee of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture, which is the national body organization responsible for certifying physicians in the field of acupuncture through national exams. In that same year, he was recognized by Natural Awakenings magazine as Holistic Physician of the Year.
Dr. Figueroa Otero is currently engaged in his private practice and continues in his role as an educator, trying to achieve full integration of traditional Chinese acupuncture courses in the curriculum of medical schools, promoting that physicians to be certified both locally and nationally and to establish clinical research protocols on the use of acupuncture in known conditions compared to the methodology established by modern medicine. Another immediate priority is to incorporate meditation techniques and their role in preventive and therapeutic medicine.






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