21-44 Open Up to Let Go

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 2nd

There is not a soul on earth that has not known pain, being hurt, feeling less than, and being afraid. When we decide to open up and see the root cause to it we begin to heal but face it and let go. To forgive another for what they inflict on you, the words, the actions, the total disregard for your well beingness, it is hard to forgive that person; but we must to move on and that means forging ourselves too.

Opening up and speaking to what happened to you, is not only cathodic but also releasing. It also helps others to know why you did what you did to hurt them because you yourself knew the hurt but did not know how to release it.

This in no way condones hurtful abuse in any way, but it does help understand from where it comes. If the abuser is willing to unravel that pain and let go, they understand that hurting another to relieve your own pain, is never going to heal anything. We have to be willing to go in and go deep to set ourselves free from that past painful abuse and break the cycle now before anyone else gets hurt.

We have the people here to help you, for you are not alone. No judgment, just an unraveling of all that controls us and stops us from being free of anger, pain, anguish, and hate. Love of self is that freedom for that ignites the love of life.

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