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5 Myths about Drug Detoxing That You Must Ignore

When you are struggling with an addiction, it can be quite difficult to decide to seek treatment. Even when you do decide to do so, there are always numerous myths and horror stories out there to discourage you from opting for a detox program.

However, these misconceptions only further encourage the denial that many addicts feel like a side effect of the addiction. That is why we have compiled this list of five myths about detoxing that you need to ignore and enroll in a detox center in Austin right away.

Myth 1: You can detox alone.

One of the biggest myths surrounding detox is that you can do it alone. There is no doubt that much of the detox program and how successful it is depend on your own will and determination. However, this does not mean that you can go through detox all by yourself, relying on your will alone.

Most detox programs have highly qualified professionals with years of experience working with you to make the program successful. They have much more knowledge which allows them to encourage and boost morale on your good days and help you through the bad days as well.

Myth 2: Detox is expensive.

A lot of people avoid going for detox or even simply inquiring about it just because of the fear of how expensive it will be. They assume that detox programs are just for wealthy individuals and celebrities, as seen on television.

However, the truth is that drug addiction is a condition that afflicts many parts of society. As a result, the programs are designed to cater to various people, including those who might come from a weak financial background. Many detox centers offer financial aid to those who need it, and sometimes, even insurance policies can help cover some of the costs.

Myth 3: Detox means separating yourself from normal life.

Another common misconception associated with detox programs is that you will have to completely separate yourself from your normal life. You will have to give up your favorite hobbies and past times. You will have to cut off your friends and family. You might even have to leave your job.

However, this is not the case at all. In reality, detox can be different for everyone, depending on the kind of addiction they face, how long they have had it, and other factors. Certain treatment centers offer outpatient services, which means you will not even have to leave your home.

For others, they might have to come in several times a week. Even if they are staying at the center permanently, they are allowed to meet their friends and family and continue with their favorite pastimes.

Myth 4: You are ‘cured’ after detox.

Once you have completed detoxing, or even if you are still in the process, one dangerous assumption to have is that you will be ‘cured’ after detox. You will never have to worry about addiction ever again. This is not true at all.

In reality, addiction is more like a chronic condition, and people often face relapses even after they have successfully completed a detox program. Additionally, there are often other factors at play that actually perpetuate the addiction.

For instance, someone may have a history of trauma. They may be suffering from other mental illnesses, going through a toxic relationship, or be surrounded by people who are addicts themselves. All these factors can cause a relapse which then forces you to continue with your detoxing again.

Myth 5: Detox is like quitting cold turkey.

A lot of people are also scared of detox programs, assuming that they will be like quitting cold turkey. This is, again, not true at all. Detox programs have medical practitioners who are specifically trained to help you detox in the most comfortable, painless, and effective way possible.

Depending on the exact nature of your case, they might prescribe you certain medications to wean you off the drugs and help you deal with all the withdrawal symptoms. They also support you emotionally through regular counseling sessions.

Wrapping Up

Detoxing can still invoke a lot of fear and denial in people who are struggling with an addiction. However, now that you know to ignore these myths, you can help yourself or anyone you know with an addiction to get started with their treatment right away.

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