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YH21-40 Irina Lotvin. Whole Plant Based Gut Nutrition

Your Health is your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Irina Lotvin, on air from September 7th

I am over 50 holistic health coach trained in classical Chinese medicine ..

I help start-up business owners, women, over 40.. get out of overwhelming, reduce stress increase energy and lose weight a certified Holistic Health practitioner trained in classical Chinese medicine with a prior corporate background, I take my clients on healing journeys without the diets or pills.

An an x corporate I can relate and today I use both Eastern and Western Medicine approach with my unique background and experience to not only evaluate your gut health and up the energy, but be your compassionate accountability partner and help you re-wire your thought processes to develop healthy habits that you will stick for life.

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I work with women to correct hormone imbalances so they can get back to a full life filled with energy and health and lose the bloat!

I help clients with :

🔁• Increase energy

🔂• Lose those last 10 pounds

🔂• Develop healthy habits for life

Have questions? Reach out and ask me questions -my link to my calendar in the bio join in the private Facebook group

Lose your last 10 lb

I offer on line private and group health and wellness coaching designed specifically for busy females executives and woman entrepreneurs who want to:

– Balance their work and health environments

– Create healthy habits

– Increase productivity

– Build a healthy body and mind

– Lower stress levels at work

– Build high performing teams

My coaching programs and courses include:

√ 14 day private or group detoxification reboot your body program

√ Private 12 month coaching

√ Three to five day private facebook group workshops

√ Two-hour master class

All coaching programs are offered on line or in person

For a consult reach out for a free 20 min consult

My other underneath of this is the mission to heal out Mother Earth as it is getting obused and depleted .. and support our bio agriculture and  create the healthy microbiome not  only in our own bodied but in our soil .. so we can leave this planet 🌎 for our children and theirs children for generations to come .❤️

Here is my Free gift included here in this link bellow

… My


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