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21-39 Thank you Montreal

Saras View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from September 28th

Well after 41 years in Canada I finally went to Montreal. I went with my 88 year old friend Lucette Audrey whose home it was. She wanted to see her city one more time. Seeing the city through her eyes was wonderful, she has a child like enthusiasm that sweeps her along with you flapping after her. Her energy is abundant, but after 30 miles in 3 days she finally was tired.

We were so lucky with the weather, it was warm the entire time, and even hot on some days. We walked and walked seeing all her memories of a life lived there some 60 years ago. Yes we got lost at times, but that was ok, because there was always something to discover.

We did the Big Wheel and saw the city from greater heights. We walked St Catharines street, Rue de Denis , St Laurent where we found many a good restaurant and with the streets being closed of, a lot of entertainment.

It is good to see the wonderful history that is Montreal, the culture and the vibe is very inviting. People are so friendly, and both French and English are spoken there. We went to a concert Rafael, it was wonderful to her such uplifting music again. We walked through McGill university grounds and saw all the student sitting on the grounds studying of chatting with each other.

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The Olympic stadium and Botanical gardens.

Norte Dam church

A wedding taking place out side of Notre Dam and a lovely café right beside it.

Olympic village and housing they built for the event.

A view of the city from Mount Royal and Oratoire St Joseph.

Our hotel, lovely character and ambiance and great pastries for breakfast. Great location and good people.

Place de Arts, where we saw a wonderful symphony by Rafael, meeting one of my wonderful podcast guest Daniela Norris. Plus by the St Lawrence and Big dome.

The big wheel and the view from it of the St Lawrence and down town.

Truly a wonderful city and I enjoyed my time there a lot.



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