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C21-37 Sheryl Ann Wilson, Overcoming the Odds

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Sheryle Ann Wilson, on air from September 14th

I am a singer, songwriter, author, speaker and a seeker. My story started from early life experiences and then later in her early 30’s I was deemed disabled.  This brought out the researcher and writer as well as speaking, in me as I was initially involved with a disability non-profit where I learned much and was consistent in speaking up for the disabled people, as well as dealing with new disabled category illnesses that came to me in my life. I continued being involved in several different non-profits either being an advocate, board director, or president.

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I am a seeker and so I also took part in community writer get-togethers as I was always good at English throughout my school years, and this brought out the writer I am. I have been writing books since 2013, I continue to do my spiritual seeking and continue to write during my lifetime.

I have both ebooks and print books at

I been both speaking and singing on many different types of stages since age 5. Music and singing are a large influence on my life and others, as I get compliments every time I sing.

Sheryl Ann is researching and taking action to have an online presence to both markets her books and to make a difference in this world. By helping women who wish to spiritually open themselves to find their artistic talents, blending with their life vision for betterment of life for themselves and our world.



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