21-34 Dealing with New Challenges

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on-air from August 24th

Yes, once again I am facing a challenge I thought was over. When it first happened I was shocked, then sad, then depressed, then filled with despair. Then I got mad, angry, and wanting to fight back, but we can not fight in anger, we need to strategize and focus on the battle ahead with a clear mind.

We get more done when fighting an unjust battle, with logic, accountability, and clarity of the problem. To present it, we must articulate the issues in a concise way that requires them to defend their actions and accept accountability.

It does not matter what you are facing right now, you must allow yourself to go through the emotions to get to that place where you can address the wrong in that articulate way. Doing it while in pain, sorrow or anger will only backfire on you, so feel it go through it, write down what the problem is, be logical on your approach to the issues, and present it in a way that invites the party to address it in a way of healing.

May whatever battle you are going through, may you find your strength, your courage, your rational side, and your power to bring accountability to the situation, and put things right.

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