C21-32 RADHA RUPARELL is Brave Now after Covid

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Radha Ruparell, on air from August 10th

The big idea: Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to wake us up. We’re diagnosed with a life-changing illness, end a long-term relationship, unexpectedly get laid off, or face an event that utterly upends life as we know it (COVID-19, anyone?). These turning points can be terrifying. Yet, we all encounter them in our lives. The real question is: how will we face them?

The so-what: Despite our knee-jerk reaction to hang on to what’s “normal,” disruptive moments are exactly what’s needed to transform ourselves and the world around us, urges recognized leadership and personal development expert RADHA RUPARELL.

And she should know it. In Brave Now: Rise Through Struggle and Unlock Your Greatest Self (March 19, 2021), Ruparell shares the battle of her lifetime—a brush with death from a deadly virus we know all too well—and how she pulled from two decades of professional experience to overcome its challenges.

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  • What science reveals about our brain’s response to adversity and uncertainty  
  • Simple micro-practices that will give you immediate freedom and power, regardless of the circumstances you face 
  • How to use curiosity to reframe setbacks in your personal or work life 
  • Easy ways to stop negative self-talk and turn “bad days” into minor “off moments” 
  • How to be present, build authentic relationships, and ultimately transform the quality of your life 

The source: RADHA RUPARELL is a global cross-sector leader with expertise in leadership development and personal transformation. She has worked with CEOs, Fortune 500 senior executives, social entrepreneurs, and grassroots leaders around the world and heads the Collective Leadership Accelerator at Teach For All, a global network of independent organizations in 60countries committed to developing leadership in classrooms and communities to ensure all children fulfill their potential.

Radha holds a dual master’s degree from Harvard University and is the author of the Amazon top seller Brave Now: Rise Through Struggle and Unlock Your Greatest Self






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