21-31 Loving Summer Sensibly

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from August 3rd.

We still have loads of summer to go, but with all the fires, tornados, floods, and still the virus how much fun are we really having? That my friends is up to us.

Even though we are still facing challenges, let us be grateful for the fact we can go out, go to the beach, hang with friends and family, and get back to work. There is a BUT though, the virus is not over, it has been diminished a lot with the vaccine, but still, more to go. We still have flare-ups because of either no vaccine of not wearing masks, of simple carelessness and in some cases disrespect of this vicious virus.

Let us be mindful and not complacent, let us be mindful of the fires, the heat waves that have killed many, the floods, tornadoes, etc that are disrupting our planet’s equilibrium. Yes, we can have fun, if we are respectful of all that is going on around us.

Enjoy your ice cream, the BBQs, meeting of friends and family, yes dine out, and support those businesses desperately trying to stay alive. Yes go on trips, but in respect of others go vaccinated. Yes enjoy your camping, but be mindful of the dryness of land and its desperate need for water, so conserve your water because here we are drying out.

We all want to get back to some sort of normalcy and we can if we are respectful of our part in our actions. So go have fun, embrace one another, laugh play, dance swim, dine, drink, be exuberant, but, please do it mindfully.

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