Widow and Wisdom TM

Welcome to “Widow and Wisdom”, a podcast created for those facing life transitions.  Whether it be through widowhood, divorce, career change, or a new marriage…your tomorrow looks very different from your today.  Hi, I’m Donna Kendrick, the Founder of Sephton Financial, a financial planning firm serving the Philadelphia region with a focus on families in transition.

As a widow with a new business venture and a newly blended family, I have literally walked in your shoes. I understand many of the challenges you are facing and the intention of this podcast is to help you navigate the new days ahead.

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Thank you for listening to another episode of the Widow and Wisdom Podcast, your wealth edition. To learn more about putting your money to work for you, tune in to our weekly podcast with financial experts who share their wisdom with you, our loyal listeners. Don’t have a Financial Plan in place yet?


Finding financial clarity for when your tomorrow looks very different from your today.

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