21-28Activating Your Vibe

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from July 14th

Good Good Good Vibrations, we all love them we all need them we all want them. So how do you activate your good vibrations? We speak about someone’s negative vibe and how it pulls us down. So a positive vibe can only lift you up. Finding your vibe tribe is just tapping into those you are resonating on the say vibe as you.

Negative attracts negative, and those neg-vibes want to be around good vibers so they can suck the energy right out of you. Lifting your own vibe to a higher frequency introduces you to those who are resonating in their good vibrations. When in that good-vibe tribe, you can feel and see the possibilities and feel creative and harmonious.

Some technics I use are taking deep breaths.

Breath in while saying in your mind, “I am worthing of a higher vibration”,

Breath out, “I release all the discontent from within me””.

Breath in while saying, “I am worthy of love for I am love”

Breath out, “I release all lack of self-worth”

Breath in, “I am abundant and enriched”,

Breath out, “I release all that does not serve me”.

Breath in, “I am here to serve humanity with my inner gift”

Breath out, ” I will not knowingly hurt another in any way”

Spoken daily even a few times a day can help release the lower vibe and ignite the higher good vibrations.

Music is a great harmonizer for me, it centres me, it resets my vibe and it frees me of my negative thoughts. The wind blowing rustling the trees, the waters flowing always on the move. We are the answer to life problems when you step into your higher vibe and meet your Vibe Tribe.

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