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Why Project Ageless?

Far too many women over 60 are fearful of aging.  They have lost their passion and purpose for life while many others  feel like their best days are over.  

It’s time to let the old story of aging go!

Imagine if we no longer fear growing older, instead we choose to celebrate these years! 
We have more to give, not less with each passing year.  It’s never too late to write a new story! 
That’s the mission, the reason for launching Project Ageless! 
Together, we’ll create the Ageless Movement and Ageless Movie!

As one of my Launch Partners you’ll receive 3 fabulous benefits!

1. The opportunity to share your expertise

You’ll get to share your expertise by offering a free gift that all who join Project Ageless will have access to.  It could be on any topic that would be beneficial for the 60+ woman.  The free gifts will be rolled out weekly, in our newsletter.  So, whenever a woman joins, she’ll receive weekly access to new free gifts.  The campaign will launch later June and run for 100 days…giving your free offering lots of exposure!

2.  Earn affiliate commissions

Share the Ageless Quiz with your community on social media and email and you’ll receive 33% affiliate commission on all who join Project Ageless. The donation level to join begins at just $20. Donation levels of $50 and $100 offer more benefits and rewards which will be explained in detail on the campaign page. By sharing the quiz with hundreds, or even thousands, your $$$ rewards can be sizable.

3. Be featured within the community

We’ll be featuring our amazing partners on Zoom calls during the coming months.  Some launch partners will be featured in an upcoming book,  “Growing Ageless!”  Others will get to have a starring role in our documentary film!  The book is scheduled for release late winter 2022 and the film planned release is June 2023.  There will also be ongoing opportunities to share your expertise, your message and yes, your story around aging, in our private Facebook community, as well as events, retreats, a Project Ageless cruise and other fun community travel adventures.

Join the Movement!

The partnership plan

I invite you to be one of my partners in launching Project Ageless.  Together, we can have tens of 1,000’s take the Ageless Quiz and begin to write a fabulous new story that’s all about joy and expansion instead of fear and decline!
It’s my joy to partner with you, and to be able to showcase you and your expertise in numerous ways, including the potential of being featured in the Project Ageless movie!




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