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IG21-25 Deborah St.Hilaire, My Body Mind Spirit, and The Divalution

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Deborah St.Hilaire, on air from June 22nd

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. The world has changed. We’re confused about our future, the future of our children, the well-being of our friends and family…we feel alone and isolated, lacking the time and energy to form new bonds. We can’t go out, we are unable to host a get-together, in-person…This is why My Body Mind Spirit was founded; we all need to feel safe, heard, and appreciated. With those basic needs met, we are free to work on ourselves and our relationships.  This is the place, the opportunity, and the tool for your expansion, your personal cocoon. Enjoy your metamorphosis.

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International best selling author and award winning speaker, and founder of My Body Mind Spirit, Coach Deborah St.Hilaire, is dedicated to uniting and empowering women of all ages. She accomplishes this through her group and personal coaching with “Strength From Within Training”, workshops, live events and writing. Deb is the author of “Divalution, the Evolution and Revolution of The Diva”. Deb is also the founder of The Divalution Project, a philanthropic sorority, the does good deeds locally, wherever you are. She is the host of  My Body Mind Spirit Live, formerly The Divalution Show. Deb’s mission and purpose is : “to unite women with one voice, that we discover our individual purpose and passion, achieve balanced happy lives, that we know unconditional love and that we collectively practice judgement free acceptance, that we work, together, for equal pay and global human rights.

That’s what My Body Mind Spirit and The Divalution is all about!


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