C21-25 Changing Our Mindset into Joy

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guests LaChelle Adkins and Jacquelyn McDaniel Vasquez, on air from June 22nd

Our mindset will dictate our thoughts, and if we are willing to change them to a kinder and more loving mindset, we can change into the Joy of Living. On this show, I have brought together two dynamo women who live in the exuberance of life, because they choose to. They have both had many ups and downs and know what it is like to struggle, but have chosen to seek out the JOY instead.

LaChelle Adkins a mother of 15 known as America’s Super Mum, says,

1. Awareness of where you are so you can determine the path that you choose to follow.

2. Do the daily work to maintain the joy you desire because it requires action – not just talk.

3. Be mindful of the people and environment that you surround yourself with.

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Jacquelyn McDaniel Vasquez, says

You have the power, my dear, you always have, it was right within you. Many of us think that life is happening to us, but the truth of the matter is life is happening for us. When you start to look at life like something that is for you, that failure is to help you grow, and that success is the byproduct of your very actions, you begin to look at life differently. Joy is a state of mind and can be seen easily and effortlessly through gratitude. Joy is a whole mood and can be seen when you stop taking life as this serious situation and start to take life as the fun roller coaster ride you don’t want to get off. Basically, Joy is within your mindset.

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