21-25 Living up to our Intentions

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from June 22nd

Intentions, good or bad we all have them, but at we doing them? I intend to do this or that, but they are only intentions until we put them into action. If we really look at what our intentions are and truly fuel them because they are good, then let us put the foot to the peddle and make it happen.

I have been intending for years to write my book, and my but is simply not enough time. So how do I intend to make time? By realizing it is not going to happen until I build a structure where I can do everything but in stages. I am running my shows 6 days a week at 7 hours a day. I am wanting to have more time with my Grandson and daughter/hubby, as he is growing so fast. I want to get our Forgotten Children series book out, and I so need to organize my time where I can make it happen.

Have a good intent is not enough, one has to put it into action to make it happen. I am at that stage of reconstructing my order of business, so I can do all of this and do it well.

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My shows with only be done 3 days of the week, that’s 6 shows weekly. Allow 2 days for admin and putting the book in place. Allow one day for producing the Forgotten Children book, and the other for play. Plus Every 2 weeks see my Grandson and do admin on those days. This is my intent, I may make it work or may have to adjust things, but at least it gives me a starting point to get those intentions into action.

Are you at a place in your life where your good intentions are just that and are not going anywhere? Are you feeling overwhelmed and do not know where to start? First ask your why, why do you want to do it, whom does it serve? Then ask what can you loosen up on in your life so you can accommodate that action. Then set a date to start and get going, even if things have to be adjusted along the way, get going even one step at a time.

We will know if it works, as I intend for us to have 2 books out for Christmas, but no pressure, I will do my very best and intend to have something out there to fulfill my intention.


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