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C21-24 Shelley Brown and Weird Girl Adventures from A to Z.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Shelley Brown, on air from June 15th

Elon Musk, Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, Sir Richard Branson have all been described as “weird”, but that’s exactly what propelled them to their success. Our “weird” doesn’t know it’s weird until it’s judged by others.  And when that happens, many of us spend years, even decades wearing that judgment every day like an itchy wool sweater. What happens if we shift our thinking and begin embracing our weirdness? 
Shelley will invite your audience to allow their own “weird” and join what she affectionately calls the “the collective weirdness of humaning”. She will offer advice on:

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Shelley Brown is a speaker, mindfulness educator, mentor, artist and author best known as the creator of Weird Girl, a series of humorous essays written about real life experiences. Born and raised in Chicago, she graduated from DePaul University and served over 25 years in corporate America.

In 2014, Brown faced her greatest challenge when she suffered a serious spinal injury. After a lifetime of fitness that included 25 marathons, six ultra-marathons, and countless half-marathons, she found herself living with impaired mobility and chronic pain. Now living life with gratitude and joy, Brown provides organizations with keynote talks and customized mindfulness seminars aimed at humanizing work cultures, cultivating self-aware leaders, and of course, allowing our “weird.”




Weird Girl Adventures from A-Z is a funny, zany collection of life experiences as told through the eyes of Weird Girl, the alter ego of brilliant writer Shelley Brown, as she navigates her way through angsting, loving, and real life experiences along with her 45-year old sock monkey, her boyfriend who happens to be her dog, and a really nice guy who comes home after work and really doesn’t get Weird Girl, but loves her anyway.


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