AK21-20 Virginia Hunter Sampson Super Hero Sam.

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Virginia Hunter Sampson, on air from May 17th

Superheroes are often role models for our children.  They are looked up to because they are strong and bend others to their will. We see them as “powerful”.  Is that the message we want to send to our children? What if we could show our children that “power”  comes from being kind, compassionate and thoughtful?  It can be difficult to teach compassion to our children especially right now. We can begin by planting seeds about the power of compassion and showing them simple ways to practice compassion. 

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Virginia became a single parent to her four children when her husband died from A.L.S.  She had been a full-time caregiver to him for three years. Her children struggled to deal with their loss and grief. Two of them turned to alcohol and drugs.  Virginia had faced many other challenges such as being a victim of domestic violence.  The world was not a very compassionate place during these trials.  She and her children were bitter and angry. She wanted all of them to heal and thrive again.  She realized that compassion for yourself and others was the key.  She studied the science of compassion and started to practice it for herself, her children and others. She has written a book for adults about compassion – “Compassion Magic” and a book for children, “Superhero Sam Saves His Family”. She wants to spread the message about compassion and to inspire and show others how to discover its power to heal and thrive.







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