MH21-19 Cindy Shaw Your Brain Trainer

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Cindy Shaw, on air from May 11th

Cindy Shaw is the founder of the Better Brain Academy.  As a brain health coach and mental performance trainer, she helps people improve their lives by blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health, and self-improvement strategies that help individuals naturally overcome mental health disorders, supercharge their energy and focus, and optimize their well-being.

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My story:  For years I suffered from debilitating brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.  As well, my youngest daughter suffered from anxiety and ADHD, leading me to fear for her mental well-being.  As someone who taught mindset strategies for years, nothing I knew worked for myself or my daughter, which led to my exploration of the brain’s health and how it impacts how we think, feel, act and interact with others. This led me to create The Better Brain Academy which combines brain health principles with mindset coaching.

FB: The Better Brain Group


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