C21-18 Augustus Vaugn Wisdom Library

We are discussing Augustus Wisdom Library and his featured book within the library; “the Bad Boy” (based on relationships)

Augustus V. (1992-Current) was born in Watts, California, to Los Angeles native parents, in the midst of the “92” Watts Riots, and he was sent to live with his uncle in Rome, Italy by the age of 4 for a better environment, and returned to America in 2003. For seven years he taught poetry and spirituality to fellow students and students of neighboring schools in the Los Angeles area. Months before his 18th birthday, he moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to attend a Bible School in hopes of becoming a minister to excel in his work, but “someone” had different plans for him. Instead of starting a ministry behind the pulpit, Augustus would visit people in need of assistance and did what he could to help (mostly advice) As time went by, Augustus started to notice the results people gained, so this inspired Augustus to write once more.

Augustus featured at every “open mic” poetry venue he could find until the state of Oklahoma was no longer a task to the young poet. So he was once more, drawn back to the sunny state of California where he would do charity work and discover what issues needed close attention in his area. Eventually, he realized that these issues were not just in his area, but nationwide, so decided to write his first book, “The Bad Boy”. Now, He runs an organization based on dealing with common issues through literature, features on well-renowned book sites like Barnes & Noble’s, Amazon, Audible, iTunes, etc. and has given full access to a free library on his own site, that he claims will soon be in the thousands. One may not be superstitious, but considering that Augustus was born on the same day that Caesar Augustus died (August 19) this might be the continuation of a great Empire.


The Bad Boy | Wisdom Library by Augustus Vaugustusvaughn.com

The Bad Boy trailer by Augustus V.






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