C21-17 Rick Heyland, Focusing on Your Purpose

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Rick Heyland, on air from April 27th

I help people and organizations find and live their purpose so they can achieve outstanding life satisfaction and company performance.

Rick Heyland is a best-selling author and executive coach. With over 35 years of professional experience helping businesses and leaders reach their professional and personal goals, he provides my clients with the coaching and tools they need to succeed.

Rick has consulted businesses of all sizes to improve performance. Rick specializes in helping leaders identify their personal and business performance gaps to improve performance. As the second-largest shareholder and COO in his consulting company, he helped the company grow from 33 consultants to 250. His formula for goal setting, accountability, high engagement, and detailed planning has helped many leaders and companies enhance their performance.

Now in his book Live Your Purpose he shows you your HOW to live in purpose successfully.

  • How to stay focused on your purpose
  • A guide to set and accomplish goals
  • Habits of the happiest and most successful
  • Steps to scale a consulting business

  • https://ci4life.org






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    “I have found Rick Heyland to be a true business partner. He provided the feedback that I needed to hear not only about the performance of the organization I oversaw but more importantly how my behavior as a leader was impacting the culture of the organization. If improvement is needed, Rick is able to deliver that message in a clear, professional manner.”

    “Rick’s insight on personal and professional improvement has been incredibly powerful. He’s helped me see opportunities to learn and grow where I saw challenges and roadblocks. He is a proven and powerful leader that brings a unique and personal perspective to his coaching efforts.”