LM21 -14 Christopher Booth Music for Mental Health.

My name is Christopher Booth and I am the songwriter and founder of the By, Christopher brand.

I write original piano music for (self) mental health awareness. I started my brand almost three years ago as a hobby and wrote three songs dedicated to mental health awareness. I wanted to help some friends and family out with the relaxing style I write in. I quickly realized it was a much needed resource for people with mental health challenges and was being asked to write more music.

Before I even started my brand I was dealing with issues of my own stemming from the loss of my own mom to brain cancer in 2012. My mom was the one who encouraged me to write in the style of music I do. She dealt with depression and growing up and as a child I didn’t understand what that was. What I did understand was that the music I composed for her brought her out of her dark days and in to my life. I quickly made the connection of what my music could do for people if it could do that for her. 

I began to write again in 2017 as a way to cope and begin a healing process for myself. I wanted to do something that could bring mental health awareness (a passion of mine) and music together. Hence the start of my brand By, Christopher. 

COVID has had a tremendous impact on this world and more and more people are looking for ways to get their mental health resources online. One of my many goals with having the By, Christopher brand is bringing an awareness to ones own mental health through music. Music is such a powerful form of healing. In the world we live in with COVID people are looking for more way to de-stress and find inner peace.

I make my music available through the YouTube platform.

I feel my story is a very relevant one in the world we live in today and can be of use to many people, businesses and organizations. 




Instagram: @awakenmusicproductions



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