IG21-13 Charlotte Murphy Trauma Healing Spirituality

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Char Murphy, on air from March 30th

Our topic will be centered around dealing with life crises via spirituality. Getting in touch with your soul through your higher self, learning about/re-discovery of the true identity of you.

Understanding finally that we’re much more than what we “do” and that we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves. Knowing and being grateful that there is a bigger plan for our lives and that includes our life crises. Those crises show us exactly who we are, we learn and grow from them and morph into the very best version of ourselves, living our purpose and passion.

Charlotte (Char) Murphy, Best Selling Author; SABA 2020 Non-Fiction Book Award Winner; IAOTP Top Inspirational Author of the Year 2020 “Unshakeable Power”Through Seasons of the Soul; Speaker; Four Time Breast Cancer Thriver; Advocate/Mentor; Entrepreneur; Founder – CharMurphy.com; Featured Contributing Author for BIZCATALYST360

Char graduated law school at age 35 as a single mom; became a successful attorney; owned Murphy’s Law Inc.;voted “Best Lawyer”; at the height of her career, suddenly finding herself fighting to survive Breast Cancer, depression and PTSD.
Dealing with the aftermath: losing her home, career and self identity of who she “thought she was”; asking, “Who am I now? Why am I here?”

Char’s honorable life’s mission and purpose is “to bless others as she has been blessed”. She shares her inspirational story of hope and faith, to inspire, uplift, empower and encourage diverse audiences, with her message of beating the odds and thriving through life transitions to transformation. To touch as many hearts and lives as possible through speaking, teaching and writing.

She teaches how to go from asking why me – to learning to live in a constant state of gratitude for everything. She always says, “Love and believe in yourself, through life’s adversities. That’s what reminds you who you are. The strong, capable person you have always been, just buried in the rubble of your past”. She learned to be grateful for all of it. “Adversities have strengthened me to be here now, living my passions, purpose and greatest dreams. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Char is passionate about inspiring & empowering her audiences to heal from the past and to move forward through life challenges, to thrive as their authentic self and to embrace their truth, inner power and strength, to gain a new vision and perspective to live their best life yet. Sharing from her journey of having overcome a lifetime of abuse, thriving after cancer, loss and grief – moving through it with a positive attitude and gratitude, to re-discover and re-create yourself to be who you were meant to be – balanced heart, mind and soul. She reminds us, “it’s never too late to start over and live your best life.”

“UNSHAKEABLE POWER” Through Seasons of the Soul.

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