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21-13 Entre Life’s Creation.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from March 30th

Birth, what a wonder, a gift, but also what a pain. My daughter just gave birth to my first Grandson, we are elated in welcoming this little guy, but what difficulty she had to go through to have him. I myself had horrible birth experience, commas, forceps, epidurals, C sections, and apparently, I am allergic to pregnancy, I did it 3 times.

How fast we forget the pain and struggle in bringing our children into the world, if we remembered would we do it again? Once that babe is in our arms, we seam to forget the struggle of getting them here. Like a metaphor for life, getting through the struggles and embracing that birth of a new life.

Maybe it is meant to be hard so we will appreciate the gift at the end of it. Our own rebirth, a birth of a child, we value it more with the struggle, for we know what it took to get us there. Life is an inside job, and a process that never ends, just grows as we do. The willingness to go through it all only expands our abilities and allows us to see the gift of life in a more valued and abundant way.

If we value life and our own lives when we have experienced the struggle, why do we still see so many killings? Why are people so eager to dismiss life so easily? If we have known how hard it is to come into the world, the struggles of growing up and all the heartache and pain one goes through in life, why would murder be on your mind?

I feel we have lost the value of life, the value of the gift of living. The easier we make it for everyone, the more they struggle with their own existence. Life is about experiences, about death and rebirth, about participating in all aspects of life and in the GRATITUDE of this gift we have been given.

Media has become our slave driver, we bend break and fold to the expectations of what the media is dictating. You must be good looking, you must be rich, and famous and everyone has to want to be you…..but, a big but, when they follow that path they realize how empty it is, how very unfulfilling.

You are FLAWSOME just the way you are, there is no one like you and that is the point. Leave comparison, competition and dictation behind, and live the gift of your life with all its ups and downs, to the fullest it can be.

When you are willing to see life for the gift it is, then you understand how to embrace and value it, for truly it took a lot to come here, so now live it abundantly and with respect.


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