IG21-12 Joseph P. Ghabi Psychosomatic Numerologist Artist.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guests Joseph P.Gahabi, on air from March 23rd.

Joseph P. Ghabi is a former engineer, banker and international sales manager. His past is packed with degrees and certifications given only to people of science and logic, yet Joseph’s true gift appears in an area less frequented by typical scientists.

An expert Blueprint Numerologist, master healer and spiritual leader, Joseph speaks on topics ranging from relationships and the Law of Attraction to life purpose and past histories. He is well known for his program Soul to Soul Connection Level 1 and Level 2 where he uses his own gifts to help others free themselves and have peace with their past. As a Psychosomatic Therapist, and drawing upon his extensive knowledge of Numerology, Joseph developed Psychosomatic Numerology, which focuses on the relationship between one’s emotions, mind, and body, in conjunction with Chakras and their connection with diseases.

Joseph’s new gift recently showed up in the form of painting. He painted over 300 paintings in 3 years. Now, he aligns his gift of healing with painting and meditation.

Join Joseph to his online program – Awakening the Artist Within a 9-Week Online Program to awaken your gift of painting.

Media Appearances
Joseph is a #1 Best-selling author and has hosted his own radio shows, and he’s now hosting a new podcast:  Numerology 4 Life. When he speaks, Joseph is forceful and to the point. As a guest, producers love knowing his presence will light up the phone lines with curious callers seeking answers to their most pressing life problems. He’s been featured in Lebanon, France, Canada and The United States.

A Wealth of Experience and Many Interesting Topics to Talk About
Joseph has earned several degrees, certifications and diplomas studying subjects from engineering and computer programming to metaphysics and psychosomatic therapy.

Joseph’s mixed past is one of his greatest strengths. His wide range of educational, professional and worldly experiences makes him a delight to listen to. He has a wealth of interesting stories to share and a profound ability to connect with people of many cultures, countries and beliefs.

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