C21-12 Struggles and Joys of being a Veterans Wife

Our Global Veterans Stories with Sara Troy and her guests Jen Satterly and Nicole Gebhardt, on air from March 23rd

Who notices the wives and children of our military and Veterans? On this show we look deep into it and who is stepping up to help. Military wives on the homefront have to hold it all together being both parents and a superwoman while their husbands serve their country. Are they not serving too?

Apologies Nicole’s name in the video is miss spelled, should be Gebhardt.

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Nicole says

“I am a military spouse passionate about uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging all fellow military spouses”.

My own family of 8, with six children ranging from ages 7 to 16, moves every 18 months! We have moved 7 times in the last 8 years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are currently at Tyndall AFB and a part of the 1st Air Force family where I serve as the Key Spouse. We came to Tyndall last summer from Washington, DC where we were stationed at the Pentagon. It was with great honour I was able to serve as the Vice President of the National Guard Bureau Spouses Club, the Programs Chair of the Air Force Officers’ Spouses Club of Washington, D.C., a Committee Member on the Spouse Advisory Council of the Military Officers Association of America, and an Arlington Lady.

Nicole Gebhardt, MS, CCLS
Spiritual Lighthouse Healing and Guidance, CEO & Founder 850.517.6357

Nicole’s info and another shows with Sara  Nicole Gebhardt HERE

Spiritual Healing Guidance.

Jen Satterly

I am a veteran spouse. I wasn’t with my husband when he deployed on hundreds of missions around the world. I was not with him when he experienced a trauma so deep and losses so profound that his switch for compassion and empathy was flipped off which resulted in several failed marriages and an adult son he rarely speaks to. I met Tom after his time in service and fell in love with an amazing man who also suffered intense and constant physical and emotional pain. We have fought his silent war off the battlefield for nearly 8 years now, and it’s been challenging to say the least for us both. But through our struggles we both have grown further than we knew capable and now work to share our struggles and successes with other military and veteran families. Because there is a light at the end of that very dark tunnel and there is hope for healing. 

I’m Jen, the Co-Founder/CEO of All Secure Foundation that I started with my husband Tom Satterly (retired Delta Force CSM) to help others who are going through what we’re going through manage and heal from PTSD.



Jens show with Sara Jen Satterly on Veterans/Soldiers and wives and families.

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