21-11 No More Bashing the Courageous Venerable

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from March 16th

Bashing people for your own gain is cowardly and shows an inner insecurity and love self-esteem. We see it on the media and all over social media, it goes on in the home front and all around us and it has to stop.

I recently did an article on Harry and Megan’s interview with Oprah. I commend them for their Venerability, honesty and candour, it was not easy to speak out, but it seems so easy for the media to speak out against them.

To expose your self in such a way showing that they are not a romantic illusion, but human beings who struggle like us, is not only eye-opening but courageous to me. They spoke of a system that is broken, well, we can say most old outdated systems are broken. We are asking people to open up, be honest, that it is ok to be Venerable, it is okay to share your pain, your suffering, for we have all done it for way too long in the darkness, and it needs to come to light now so we can support each other.

The response to their interview has been mixed, some ( most ) have been supportive, were as some ( mostly in the UK) HAVE BEEN DEGRADENLY CRUEL AND DEMEANING, WHICH IS A DISGRACE. I will hold you accountable to your bulling or demeaning of others, bulling others to boost your own ego is deplorable. We have seen this for way to long and now we will not put up with it any more.

If you get your kicks out of bashing others for your own gain, it is you that has the problem, not the victims of your reproach. If you feel more empowered by attacking another, IT IS YOU that has the issue, for you are of low self-esteem and hiding your own Venerability. It takes strength, courage, truth and heart to own one’s struggles, where is the COMPASSION for those in pain? we all have something that hurts us, do not let it be each other.

I am asking, pleading with everyone, please do not be judge and jury, please do not bash another for your own gain, please show kindness and caringness to each other, for we have no real idea of what they are really going through until we are willing to listen.


Sara’s View of Life


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