QS21-09 Dale Fukuda Lifewave Energy Balance

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Dale Fukuda, on air from March 2nd.

 Non-drug solution to bringing the body to its optimum health with the use of the Photo Therapy patch Technology brings you energy to live a life of abundance and productivity. So simple but so impactive it change Dale’s life in health mind body heart and soul.

With a high code of ethics, if what I do harms a person, I won’t do it. For my legacy, I want to be known as the person that truly helped people with attaining a long high quality of life.

Dale is a Baby boomer born in Ogden, Utah. At age 8, parents move to Los Angeles California. Throughout the formative childhood years; values of family, sharing & caring were core values instilled. They became important at age 16. I determined to be self-employed. College & an early working career led me to developing the largest printing company in Orange County.

Lessons learned after 2 long term divorces led to the understanding of gaining financial wealth at the price of family was not what was wanted.

Today, lessons have taught me the Spiritual, Mind & Body balance is the key to a fruitful happy life. This balance enables a person to mentor & pass on a high vibrant energy to others.

During a Health/Wellness event I was introduced to LifeWave where I got immediate pain relief. Little did I know then this was going to take me on the path (along with NLP training) to my Life’s balance



Impact: Where Passion and Purpose Makes a Difference


Non-drug solution to bringing the body to its optimum health with the use of the Photo Therapy patch Technology


I educate & demonstrate pain relief, and deeper sleep. Get the body and all the organs to work in harmony as well as the day we were born. Once the body is balanced the anti-aging process can start. Then we get the stem cells within our body to regenerate and stay young. When this all happens, we have more energy, sleep better, reduce wrinkles and more


The more people that can live a drug free long high quality of life, the more society benefits. We can travel & enjoy life and can dance at our 100th birthday party





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