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AK21-09 Barrett Clemmensen Powell and Lori Leak is in San Diego

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Barrett Clemmensen Powell, on air from March 2nd

During this interview, we talk about San Diego, why this and the next book are situated in the USA (pandemic related, and a link Lori discovered between the polio pandemic, Jonas Salk and racism in San Diego. The story is that the University of California San Diego wanted Jonas Salk to establish the Salk Institute and be a part of the faculty. But there was redlining in La Jolla. Redlining is housing discrimination. Blacks and Jews were not not being allowed to buy houses in La Jolla. Jonas Salk refused to come to the university unless Jews (he was Jewish) were allowed to live and own houses in La JOlla. That finally broke the redlining for Jews. It still continued for Blacks and is why there is still segregation and only about a 9% African American population in San Diego overall.

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Barrett Clemmensen Powell has travelled and lived in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East. Her future travel plans include Africa, Asia, and Oceania. After working for a decade as a newspaper and TV/radio journalist, she took her communication background and graduate theology studies to launch a spirituality-based entrepreneurial business development consultancy and resilience coaching practice to help women in business. Barrett enjoys travelling, learning languages (she speaks including French, Danish and Hebrew), writing, crafting, playing the guitar and hanging with Shalom and Shiloh. The first and second books in the Lori Leak children’s travel series took the African American main character to Paris and then Copenhagen to learn a new culture, language, food and history. Now in 2021, she is heading to San Diego, CA – nicknamed “America’s Finest City”. Children and their adults will now get to better know Lori and the Leak family as well as the things there are to see and do in this city. Richly illustrated by Kristen Palana, readers will see San Diego as never before! Barrett has this to say about the Lori Leak series: The story we tell ourselves about anything is the reality we manifest in our lives. When you stay focused on your vision, you manifest it. The effect of that story can be seen in our lives in the reality we create for ourselves. With Lori Leak, I am able to tell a story from the heart about a father-daughter bond, a family, and exploring the world. Travelling, visiting, or living in other cultures is central to my heart. You learn so much about yourself and your origins when you spend time with other people in their country and culture. Building bridges across cultures and between people is my mission, and travelling empowers me to accomplish my goal.

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