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21-09 Is Homosexuality & Colour a Godly Sin?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from March

I am a heterosexual woman, and I find this difficult enough in this world, but being a homosexual has to be so much harder in a world of such judgement and ridicule. Why is that? why do we LOVE to persecute people so much? what do we get out of that? a sense of righteousness or validity?

It is said we are all made in Gods light, no matter which God or source you follow, all faith says the same. So if we are all made in Gods image, why do we condemn people who we deem wrong? What is the hang-up? Colour, sex, faith, age, disposition, it seems to me humans are only happy when they are bitching about something when they are pulling someone down, when they are tearing someone apart. Where is the love?

If we could just see each others heart, feel their souls, want to lift their spirits, and speak to an open mind, imagine what a beautiful world we would live in. Joy, of being alive, trust in that you are enough, security in being different, and love in that you are wanted. IMAGINE that world where kindness, compassion, caringness and love were the very foundation to all we are and all we do; what a wonderful world indeed.

The Gods did not make a mistake, they gave us diversity, gay, straight, of colour, different faith, differently able, and just far out in the world. Why would we have been made differently if we were all meant to comply with one belief or be controlled by another’s opinion? One size fits all is a myth, different sizes means choice, it means there is something for everyone.

It is 2021 and it is high time we stopped the insecurity of differences dictate our fear and heart. See someone from the INSIDE OUT, hear their soul, feel their heart join their spirit and be intrigued by the open mind. You do not have to agree, but with a conversation, we hear that we are all looking for the same thing, to count in life, to be safe in home and health, to be able to grow, to love and be loved.

So if your faith demands you pass judgment on someone because of their colour, faith, or sexuality, then it is not a religion of Gods love, but a passing of man made judgment. A righteousness that does not belong in a community of compassion, a hate that kills community and creativity.

So who are you? have you passed judgment on others? we all have at some point in our lives, but we need to forgive our selves, make amends and rise up to a higher vibration in kindness, caringness and love. Leave the fear, hate and controlling judgment behind, be inquisitive as to who we all are in our wonderful divine differences. Explore each others culture and with that open heart and mind, learn about each other so you can show likeness and compassion so we can all grow into a loving frequency that makes all things love and light grow for each and everyone of us.

By Sara Troy

of Sara’s View of Life

on Self Discovery Media.


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