GV21-08 Nicole Gebhardt Spiritual Healing Guidance.

Our Global Veterans Story with Sara Troy and her guest Nicole Gebhardt, on air from February 23rd.

CEO and Founder of Spiritual Lighthouse Healing and Guidance

Ms. Gebhardt graduated from the University of Alabama with an MS Degree in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Child Life.
Her BS Degree is in Business Communications from Florida State University. Additionally, she is a CCLS- Certified Life Specialist and Sacred Usui Reiki Master Holy Fire III®️Karuna 2®️Reiki Master.

Nicole Gebhardt is, in fact, a lighthouse; A bright beacon of light-a voice for all women especially military spouses who are broken, grieving alone in the dark. She is a strong leader, guide and healer. Nicole’s passionate message is, “you are never alone, you are enough just as you are…be unapologetically you! You can get through the grief and pain to move forward into the peace within.”

Nicole is the proud mother of six children, a military wife who has had to manage her young family on her own, when her husband was deployed several different times in seven years. She is a pillar of strength in her community of military families, as well as for her own family, friends, acquaintances and beyond.

Nicole truly has the heart of a warrior, to champion those hurting in pain, grieving in need of hope, inspiration and reassurance on life’s sometimes difficult path. She, herself, has sustained molestation, abuse, rape and loss of a child. She leads to show, you are no longer a victim but a true survivor.

Her education, life experiences and business enable her to coach, guide and heal those who have had similar traumatic events. She leans into her hard earned knowledge and natural compassion to spread her words of encouragement to all in need on an international level. Nicole does this through her speaking, writing, one-on-one counseling, classes, seminars and retreats, where she also incorporates her Reiki Master training.

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Nicole’s Mission:

Nicole Gebhardt, CEO & Founder of Spiritual Lighthouse Healing and Guidance is passionate about sharing her story of survival and hope gleaned from a tumultuous grief and pain-filled past.

As a former victim Nicole, is now truly a survivor having worked her way through molestation, rape, alcohol, and drug addiction, marital abuse, divorce, and loss of a child. As a warrior of and for all women, she brings beautiful angelic healing, enlightenment, and guidance through her one-on-one counseling, Reiki, support groups, speaking engagements, retreats, and social media platforms.

Nicole is considered to be a gifted healer and a beloved friend to those in need. She uses her business to weave together her life experiences and knowledge, to uplift and help women, especially military spouses, to not only change lives but save lives. Nicole further assures these women they are not alone and that they are good enough to be loved for exactly who they are. She gently and lovingly directs them to shed past or current resentments, disappointments, fear, and mistrust. She assists them through the grieving process, to discover and relish in their own special talents and wake up every day in love and bliss.

It’s Nicole’s mission and greatest desire to breathe new life into the women she serves, to be that bright light leading them through the darkest times. She proposes to all that it’s okay and healthy to ask for help. She teaches others how to let go of insecurities, fully embrace their unique qualities, and nurture their soul’s passion. She also facilitates the release of past or current pain through the forgiveness of self and others.

Nicole’s personal calling is to love, be love, and spread love, along with joy and laughter, to all women. With a strong conviction as a woman of faith, Nicole has found her purpose in service to others. Seeing women come through their personal storms to find happiness again is her greatest fulfillment.