21-05 What is your blockage in life?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from February 2nd

We all have blockages, unknown and known, and if we do not face them, we can not release them. We call them excuses, situations, issues, challenges, but in the end, they are blockages that will not allow us to move forward in life.

I have had a lot of unravelling done in my time, and I like who I am today because of it. Complacency is stagnation which is a blockage in movement. We are designed to be in flow, go with the flow through life in many different directions. We are meant to explore, to discover and in our own self-discovery, we learn what our gifts are and in how to use them.

We get nowhere standing still or ignoring the blockage, we are stuck until we face it and undo. So join me as I address our blockages and why it is so important to do whatever we can to remove them in order to keep moving forward in meaningful purpose in life. We also need to be open in how we unblock, for there is no one way, or logical way, sometimes thinking out of the box is needed.


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