Resistance is futile in 2021 Actionisim it.

It is our human nature to fight back, we have a knee-jerk reaction to things and we like to be argumentative and be right. This unfortunately gets us nowhere, so why don’t we try a different approach in 2021.

We know we are still in this pandemic, we know we are in transition in our personal lives, in industries, and in economics. So fighting against it is futile. This is the time to ask ourselves, what are we going to do, what have we learned, and how are we going to seed opportunities for 2021?

Every thing, even disasters have a reason, some times it is to change our directions, sometimes a lesson about our selves we need to learn, but it is always about us having the ability to make the changes we need to move forward and not drag our selves down by what has been.

2020 was a time of reflection, a time to review our lives and go into ourselves and feel what we want for our future. A time to step up and be counted and in heart and kindness and help each other on this windy rocky path. We have so much to be grateful for, but when in fear, doubt, hysteria we can not see the gifts before us.

2021 is a year of nurturing those seeds you planted, watering, and allowing them to grow. It is a time to allow and open up to change and when you come from the heart space, your mind sees things differently and you feel more enriched by what is possible and what is growing within and around you.

This transformation of humanity still has about 4 more years to grow. If we come together and stop fighting each other, and start listening to the inner voice, we will see in how we can make the changes and why we need to, for if we do not, this planet and the source of universal energy, will change it for us and it will be a harder ride than even 2020.

So let us rise up to the occasion and be the change the world needs, be the strength and solution we need in our own lives. FOR IF NOT YOU WHO? We can not wait for others to do it for us anymore, we must be proactive in our own lives and community in order to thrive and rise up to greater heights.

Sara Troy

Self Discovery